A Formal Service Announcement is COMING SOON

“I Fxcking LOVE My Life!” 



Life is a series of experiences and lessons our souls need to grow and flourish. When we aren’t learning the lesson, the experience repeats itself and it’s all too easy to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, blah, self-critical, and stuck. I was once there too, facing adversity left and right.


It may seem like you’re already doing everything you can to merely survive. 


YOU ARE MEANT TO THRIVE and Live an Authentic Life you TRULY LOVE.


Chrissy’s Soul Mentoring offers you an exclusive opportunity to work 1 on 1, meeting you where you’re at in your life and coming up with the right strategy to help go from surviving to thriving.  Chrissy will be both a teacher and a listener, a trusted advisor, and confidant.


There will be Skype/Facetime Calls, there will be body, mind, and soul exercises, there will be some soul homework and check-ins. We will examine your shadow self, your light self, your sense of purpose. We'll look at who you've been and who you are and who you want to become. 


Through facing a myriad of adversity in her own life, Chrissy has tapped in to and further developed a variety of tools, tips, tricks, that have helped her overcome abusive relationships, breast cancer, living and working inauthentically as a corporate Executive Assistant, and more.


Chrissy shares, "I've been there. Burned out, wiped out, energetically drained. Soul tired. Mentally and emotionally empty, experiencing chronic pain and fatigue. I was experiencing all kinds of misery, frustration, and longing to run away, escape, and start over someplace that no one knew me. I was completely ignoring and avidly avoiding my own shadow self."


Chrissy began to awaken to a bigger truth, a greater purpose, and her authentic truth. To be honest, it was terrifying and different and went against everything she'd learned growing up. Chrissy went through weekly psychotherapy and attended hundreds of hours of classes and talks in both scheduled and self-sought environments. Chrissy experimented with a variety of techniques and offerings and expanded the depth and breadth of her offerings and is now ready to share them with YOU.


Chrissy continues to show up to her life and do the work to continue to heal herself and bring more of her love and light and authentic truth to all of humanity and has stepped into her full authentic power and now brings these gifts and services to YOU.  


Chrissy will be opening up her calendar for a couple more spaces for this body of work. Skype or FaceTime Calls $100/hr booked in 15 minute increments. 


Stay tuned for more info!


“Your life is a reflection of your choices. Your happiness is a reflection of your perception.

You have the power to change all of it.”  – Hippie Jesus

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