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Based in rural Grants Pass, Oregon,  Chrissy is an experienced, on-location photographer who honors and works with the natural elements around her. Natural light, unique landscapes, beautiful trees and flowers, these are all elements Chrissy incorporates into her conscious love in action.

In addition to providing professional photography services, Chrissy also has a vast selection of greeting cards, stickers, fine art prints, mugs, notebooks, and many other items with her high vibration photos and designs on them. 


She enjoys guiding you through enjoyable, calm, and fun photography experiences and delivering outstanding photos that highlight your unique beauty and personality.


Chrissy's decades of experience are as delightfully diverse as her subjects. From a wedding at the base of Snoqualmie Falls, WA to hemp farms in Oregon, from a rainbow of starfish to wedding portraits in Hawai'i, Chrissy's style is zen minimalist simplicity and blends a bit of posed, candid, and toal improv-figure-it-out-on-the-fly. 

Chrissy prides herself on transparency, honesty, authenticity, compassion, patience, integrity, and exceptional customer experiences. 


She openly embrace diversity in all genders, cultures, races, sexual orientations, and body types and I have ZERO TOLERANCE for words or actions of hate, abuse, or mistreatment of any living thing (this includes people, animals, and plants, trees, flowers, etc.).

Please feel welcome to visit Chrissy's photography-specific website to view her portfolios and check out her RedBubble Shop, FineArt America Shop, and her CafePress shop, all linked above under the 'SHOP' link.


  • family portraits

  • maternity portraits

  • babies & kiddos

  • wedding day services

  • elopements

  • engagements

  • family reunions

  • senior portraits

  • special events



  • food/flower farms

  • OLCC cannabis

  • ODA hemp​


  • wineries

  • parks

  • gardens

  • beaches

  • lakes

  • rivers

  • boat launches

  • forests

  • redwoods

  • waterfalls

  • hawaii

  • california

  • las vegas

  • washington

  • oregon

  • steampunk

  • pagan

  • semi-traditional

  • rustic settings

  • unusual places

  • tropical

  • nautical

  • farm/homestead



  • travel

  • beachscape

  • desert

  • mountains

  • rivers

  • lakes

  • flowers

  • sunsets

  • pollinators

  • plants

  • trees

  • crystals

  • butterflies

  • lighthouses

  • Sedona, AZ

  • Mt. Shasta

  • Hawaii

  • Grand Canyon

  • Mt. Hood


Chrissy Ferguson Photography is one of the services available from IridescentMoment  Healing Arts Studio.   All Content (c) Chrissy Ferguson 2008-present