Chrissy's Oracle Readings in person may help you find affirmation for a question you've got in your soul.


By tapping into universal life force energy and asking for guidance or assistance on your behalf, Chrissy utilizes 1 of her numerous oracle decks with the intention of intuitively helping you gain clarity on how to handle a specific situation in your life such as: Love, Career, Job, Hobbies, Travel, Abundance, Relationship, or Romance.


Your experience starts with a brief discussion reviewing what's going on in your life, an intuitively guided card spread with explanation and insight channelled by Chrissy.


She will take a photo of the card spread, charge it with Reiki and will text or email you the photo after your session for you to continue to receive the beautiful energy anchored in the knowing. 30 minute in person reading $35.00

Book your appointment today and come see Chrissy in her Healing Arts Studio at 213 SW 4th St., Grants Pass, OR 97526

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