LEONIE DAWSON is one of my Business Goddess SUPER HEROS! 

Get ready, beautiful soul! Your Life is About to CHANGE. Mine sure has!   


When I first discovered Leonie Dawson's work, I was running the corporate rat race as an Executive Assistant of the Marketing Studio at a top architecture firm. It was a couple years after my initial breast cancer diagnosis and I kept doing what I thought I was supposed to do, even though deep down, it wasn't what I actually wanted to do. 


I always wanted to be an artist but grew up being told I couldn't be an artist because artists are broke and starving. 

One afternoon, I was desperately searching for colorful inspiration, something bright and uplifting, something to show me there was another way of doing things.

I came across some art by someone in Australia named Leonie Dawson, a self-proclaimed hippie mermaid artist with whimsical drawings of various goddesses... Goddess of Photography, Art Goddess, Goddess on a Healing Journey... oh my word, these spoke to me and showed me that there is at least one soul-preneur who is an artist and is successful af and set me on a better path by doing the work.


I found the GoddessLeonie RedBubble Shop and ordered a couple poster prints, postcards, and greeting cards to lovingly adorn my creative space at home with JOY. I found her Shining Life Workbook and bought the digital PDF version and spent the rest of the Friday afternoon printing the book that has since become an annual favorite part of growing my work. 70-some pages of MAGIC that got me excited about my life and tapped into something deeper inside for the first time in a LONG time. 

That also was how I learned about and launched my own RedBubble Print Shop, which I embraced as GoddessChrissy. That was 2013 and since then, my art has been sold around the world! The Create Your Shining Life + Create Your Shining Biz workbooks have been a game changer for me, as a creative soul-preneur, and someone who does NOT resonate with traditional business operation practices. At all. :D 

The Magical Goddess Leonie has since launched all kinds of amazing, magnificent, inspiring, and HELPFUL business e-courses and as a creative, heart-centered artist, she has built her multiple streams of income to be into the multi-millions, without losing her authenticity. She is a BAD ASS WOMAN and every time she launches new offerings, I am still superbly excited and find value in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

I can't wait to dive into her new 40 days to Create + Sell Your E-Course and Money, Manifesting, + Multiple Streams of Income courses. I have seriously learned SOFA KING MUCH from Leonie's work over the years. She even has an all new one, 40 Days to a Finished Book!


I am a work in progress as are my businesses, but Leonie Dawson is brilliant and I just know you'll also find her work to be of value in more ways than you can even imagine.


Seriously. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself, invest in your life, invest in your business with Leonie's newest E-courses, and CHANGE YO LIFE, babes.


I am honored to step up as an affiliate for some of her offerings so when you sign up for these redonculously low priced offerings for what you get, this also helps me out, which also helps my businesses out, which in turn helps me grow, and helps me help YOU grow too! WE ALL BENEFIT!! We can all be successful, thriving, heart-centered artists who are brilliant business goddesses! 

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What an honor to receive a mention from Leonie herself on an instagram post where I shared my excitement when I received my Shining Year Planners for Life + Biz! 

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