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Through our beautiful and miraculous experience as a soul in a human body,  everyone is faced with challenges - the lessons we learn at a soul level, as we continue to evolve. How we handle those challenges and lessons determines whether we move forward or continue to repeat the lesson until we 'get it'. 

One of the most loving things we may choose for ourselves is to set specific intentions, sowing the seeds of our dreams we want to nurture and grow into reality. The new moon, or the dark moon, is one of the best times to harness that universal life force energy.

Chrissy works primarily with 8 basic intentions.  Balance, Creativity, Fresh Start, Love, Protection, Spirituality, Wealth, and Wellness. 


Crystals are helpful in supporting the intentions you set and the actions you take, however, crystals themselves don’t show up in your life and wave a magic wand and do all the tough work for you. You get to choose whether you activate your crystal with an intention or work with the crystal’s own energetic properties. 


Hold your loose crystals or crystal jewelry and talismans in your hand and state your intention.  Chrissy says something along the lines of:

I now consciously activate this stone with my intention of ________________ .

I am _________________. 

I am wholly rooted in __________________ as my truth.

I am.

For example, "I now consciously activate this rose quartz with my intention of awakening my heart to more love. I am awakening my heart to love.  I am wholly rooted in love as my truth. I am.”


When we are drawn to a certain crystal, it’s often a loving sign of gentle nudging and encouragement we need to address something out of alignment within our body, mind, heart, or spirit.


I am delighted to be of service and share intuitive guidance and suggestions for you. I LOVE TALKING CRYSTALS!


These are examples of finished pieces. Some items may be available, some are custom orders, some are Etsy orders. If you're near Grants Pass, Oregon, Chrissy has a few locations where you may browse and shop her creations in person or she is happy to connect with you, and bring pieces you're interested in to YOU. Chrissy is also set up to accept all major credit cards, Square, PayPal, or cash and can gift wrap and ship your purchase all over the world. 

EARRINGS range between $5 and $15 each pair and are made with surgical steel hooks unless otherwise noted (ie gold plated brass, silver, bronze, mixed metals). 

NECKLACES range between $20 and $100 depending on the crystals, and are strung on sturdy 20lb breakweight bead string, and most have an easy to operate toggle clasp made of various metals. Traditional lobster clasps are also an available option. Necklaces usually have a pendant or focus crystal and strung with a mixture of genuine crystals, stone chip beads, glass, and metal spacer beads. 


PENDANTS range between $5 and $150 depending on the crystal/material, type of metal wire, and time/complexity of design. Pendants are hung on various materials such as hemp cord, waxed cotton cord, nylon 'rattail' cord, or chains of varying metals and lengths as requested. 

MATCHING SETS range between $15 and $200, and may be a pendant with a matching pair of earrings or a necklace with matching earrings. 

RINGS range between $5 and $30, depending on the crystals, type of wire, and complexity of design. Chrissy specializes in both bird's nest and a clean, boho minimalist style. Stainless steel or bare copper is what Chrissy uses most often. Sterling silver or gold are options for custom orders. 

BRACELETS range between $10 and $40, and have a unique and intentional combination of crystals and other materials. They can be done either on a heavy duty stretchy cord that is knotted and a drop of E6000 on the knot to secure it, or it may be done as a bead chain. Magnetic clasp is popular and easy, especially if you have difficulty with your hands. Toggle, lobster, barrel twist are other clasp options. Bracelets may be made in a specified length, which is a great gift option for someone who has small or large wrists. 

ANKLETS range between $10 and $40, and have a unique and intentional combination of crystals and other materials. They may be done as a bead chain or as a string of beads. Magnetic clasp is popular and easy, especially if you have difficulty with your hands. Toggle, lobster, barrel twist are other clasp options.  Anklets may be made in a specified length, which is a great gift option for someone who has small or large ankles.   

Hand-Hammered Necklace is the hand-hammered and hand-shaped steel design with a stunning front closure, or it may also be worn unclasped for completely different and equally beautiful look.


This is another great option that Chrissy hammers out in whatever length you specify. The plain steel is $25, and adding a custom pendant with a specific crystal is also a fun option. This necklace is so versatile because it's a gorgeous, elegant, different stand-alone look without a pendant, and, you can switch out the pendant easily. 


It's a wonderful style that appeals to younger generations for being clean, modern, and hand-forged, and appeals to elder generations for the craftsmanship, quality, ease of fastening, and comfort. 

Shown here is Designer/Maker, Chrissy wearing one of her first attempts at this unique necklace, with a paua shell pendant. You slide the pendant on and off on the smaller end, and it hangs on the larger end, where the tip is hammered wider to prevent the pendant from slipping off. 


Chrissy has a wide variety of exquisite, finished pieces available for purchase in the peaceful, welcoming serenity that is RB Organic Salon at 213 SW 4th St., Grants Pass, OR.  One of the most wonderful parts of this salon is organic hair products = no harmful and yucky chemicals or odors one may find in many other salons. Treat yourself to a whole new way of experiencing beauty!


Outside of the salon space, you'll find more of Chrissy's work in her Etsy Shop, and in various boutiques and gift shops around southern Oregon. 

Please see LOCATIONS page for more details on where you may browse & shop in person.

Chrissy is always looking for new WHOLESALE & CONSIGNMENT PARTNERS and will come to your location for you to inspect and purchase in person. Invoices provided and are easily and securely payable in person or online. Thank you for supporting Chrissy and other independent artists who are taking conscious action to make the world a better place for all. Namaste.

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