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CRYSTAL JEWELRY -  Examples of Finished Works


Chrissy's "style" is understated elegance, simple beauty. Chrissy has immense appreciation and respect for wire wrap artisans who create complex and ornate pieces, however that is not her style. She would be delighted to refer you to a couple of outstanding wire wrap artists as she also does personal shopping for clients who wish to utilize her crystal knowledge and energetic knowledge to find them particular pieces.

With each piece finished, Chrissy will do an energy cleanse, usually by smudging with white sage, and check in with herself .


" Am I upholding the personal level of integrity I stand by?" It's one of five questions Chrissy asks herself as part of her unique, intentional method. Every time. The other 4 are:


  • Is the finished piece clean, neat, and poke-free? 

  • Are all stones secure? 

  • Is this something I would wear myself? 

  • Is this stone/are these stones ready for their next guardian? (I believe we do not own any part of this earth, rather these stones and shells find us to be their guardians, to appreciate and honor them as mother earth intended.)

Chrissy uses genuine stones and indicates what they are on the card each piece comes with/on. After YEARS of purchasing stones from retail stores, from wholesale events, from rock and gem shows, from reading countless books about the stones, Chrissy has become quite well versed in spotting fakes.


When she see it on other Etsy listings, she will reach out privately to the shop owner in the most polite and diplomatic manner to share that they may not know it, but the stone is something else.


As jewelry makers and crystal workers, and really, as human beings, Chrissy believes in full accountability for the knowledge that is shared. 

For example, she has seen numerous sellers trying to pass off opalite as moonstone. Opalite is an iridescent,  man-made glass, it is not related to moonstone, which is in the feldspar family.  Also, opalite is not opalized quartz as recently experienced with a crystal seller at a show telling passers by. Dishonest biz practices are total BS, folks and you won't find them here. 

Chrissy is an advocate for transparency and total honesty, both in her crafting methods and entire business practice. If she is using turquoise dyed howlite,  it will be indicated. If Chrissy is unsure or if a stone is unidentifiable, she will indicate that as well. It's just one of the many traits that sets Chrissy apart both in design, practice, and life application.


Findings (such as surgical steel posts, copper hooks, bails, clear clip on hooks, string, wire, crimp beads) come from all over as do the crystals and other natural materials (glass, stone, wood, shell, etc.) .


Some come directly from the miner, some from a trusted connection to  a distributor both domestic and international. Some from trade shows, some from retail stores.

Some from etsy, some from ebay, and some have been gifted. 


She had 2 beautiful souls over the years who inherited a ton of craft supplies, including all kinds of high quality, top grade crystal beads and cabochons (the stones for pendants that usually have a flat bottom and curved top).


Knowing how much Chrissy loves to work with crystals and create beautiful pieces, they were generously bestowed upon her. 

It's this kind of kindness that allows Chrissy to give back - donating pieces for silent auctions, and charging fair prices for her high vibration, premium quality goods. 

When Chrissy does giveaways, she doesn't give things away because she doesn't understand the value it has, she gives exactly BECAUSE she knows the value her creations have, both as a kindness and especially energetically.


It benefits the entire human collective, especially those consciously open to receiving.  

Interested in where you may see Chrissy's work in person?

Chrissy's jewelry is in a variety of shops, salons, and boutiques in southern Oregon. Check out the LOCATIONS , to find the current locations in Grants Pass, Selma, and Cave Junction! 

Chrissy has a variety of her handcrafted, high vibration, crystal jewelry and home decor items are now available in her studio located at 213 SW 4th St., Grants Pass, OR, and in her Etsy Shop ,or would be honored to custom create a special piece for you or someone you adore. 


Yes, Chrissy is looking for more retail opportunities. If you own a boutique or gift shop and you'd like to bring in Chrissy's line, please get in touch! Wholesale opportunities available!! No minimum quantity. Professional invoices, regular communication, check-ins, and outstanding support and service make it a breeze to partner with Chrissy and with IridescentMoment.

Healing Arts Studio