Your home or personal space is your sanctuary and Chrissy loves to create unique, quality décor items that truly beautify your personal space and energetically bring in positive energy.


From miniature fairy garden accessories to holiday ornaments, intention-setting candles, light refractive sun-catchers, hand-made signs, and so much more, Chrissy’s heart-centered, conscious creations are just what you need! 

In addition to the sampling of Chrissy's home decor items, Chrissy also has over 300 images and designs that can be made into a variety of home goods - shower curtains, bedding, bath mats, mugs, totes, wall art, posters, fine art prints, greeting cards, tshirts, dresses, clocks, and so much more. Shop Chrissy's Redbubble Portfolio from anywhere in the world and fill your world with Chrissy's magic.


They also make wonderful, unique gifts! If you are in southern Oregon, stop by Restoration Beauty Organic Salon to shop some of Chrissy's home decor items today or contact Chrissy with your special requests. 



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