Working with a variety of programs and applications across multiple devices and operating systems allows Chrissy the creative freedom to produce mindful, eye catching:


  • Business Logos

  • Custom social media buttons

  • Product labels

  • Package designs

  • Website graphics

  • Event/Business Flyers

  • Banners

  • Postcard Mailers

  • Office/Business interior decor

for your:

  • Home

  • Life or life event

  • Business

  • Personal use

  • Product

  • Service

  • Event, party, or gala

Chrissy enjoys creating logos and branding material across a wide variety of industries:

  • OLCC Cannabis Farms

  • ODA Hemp Producers 

  • Healing Arts Practitioners

  • Hypnotherapists

  • Reiki/Massage clinics

  • Social media (Instagram/Facebook)posts


          + more! 



Chrissy started creating graphics in MSPaint back in 1994 when she taught herself how to write html in MSNotepad. This expanded to working on event flyers for an entertainment company in the midwest that put on professional wrestling shows. Yep, totally serious! (Chrissy also worked with digital sound files to create all kinds of custom sounds).

This evolved into side jobs and freelance work, eventually landing her a role as the Executive Assistant of the Marketing Studio of one of the world's top Architecture firms. Chrissy's artistic passion and talent continue to evolve, creating digital and print advertisements as well as creating and managing multiple social media accounts for a handful of organizations. 

Chrissy is a passionate advocate for Hemp and Cannabis, both of which continue to improve Chrissy's life immensely after a series of adverse life experiences left her struggling, bewildered, and suffering with cPTSD for years.  She's now the healthiest she's ever been in mind, body, and soul and continues to incorporate hemp and cannabis in her daily wellness and spiritual practices. 


Chrissy is particularly drawn to work with heart-centered, mindful, high vibration, small businesses (who are actually in it to help people with consciously organic and sustainably growing methods and not just for big buds/big profits). _/|\_ 

Creative and Conscious

Heart-centered and Honest

Resourceful and Responsible

Intuitive and Innovative

Sustainable and Self-Taught

Splendiferous and Synergistic 

Your choice. Yes.


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