CHRISSY'S CRYSTALPEDIA - Part 2 - Healing mind/body/soul conditions

Raw minerals, crystals, and stones all have a scientifically measurable energy, just like all matter does.


When some of these energies are combined, they are even more

helpful and supportive in various levels of healing - emotional,

mental, physical, psychological, inherited, and healing certain

dis-eases of the body, mind, and soul/spirit.


In ancient times, we didn't know why or how it worked, we

simply knew that it did, and science is beginning to catch up with

what the elders knew hundreds, and even thousands of years ago.


Herein is little collection of 35 or so various, common, human conditions and the combinations of stones that are recommended. 

Chrissy gets asked, "How do I work with these rocks?" And it's a great question!


Chrissy love discussing various answers with people. One of the easiest ways that she personally uses crystals in her daily wellness practices, is to place the stones in her hand and sit quietly, with eyes closed, and whatever the intention is, project thought and intention into the stones in hand.


For example, rose quartz is a stone of love - attracting love, being love, experiencing love, all things love. 


When Chrissy is aware she is being self-critical and being hard on herself (it's a message from Divine Source when deer show up on your property to remind you to not be so hard on yourself), she will sit with a rose quartz heart and a few rhodochrosite beads in hand, eyes closed, and think of how good it feels to love herself and honor herself, and radiate love from the inside out, and then focus thoughts on the stones in hand and continue with slow, deep breathing.

After a little while, Chrissy imagine these rocks and beaming out pink love beams in all directions and she is basking in their glow. She is reminded of how much she loves herself and comes away feeling more at peace with the situation and with herself. Then, whenever she holds/wears the crystals imbued with specific intention, she is reminded to continue to focus energy into that intention, and voila! It allows a path of manifestation! 

There are no bolts of lighting per say but there are signs of that love instantly manifesting - such as Chrissy may go outside immediately after and get some fresh air, only to find a heart-shaped stone right where she's standing in the forest where she lives and creates.

Magic and miracles are everywhere, if you open yourself to seeing with your heart and not just your eyes.


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