CHRISSY'S CRYSTALPEDIA - Part 1 - Individual Crystal Info

Welcome to Chrissy's Personal Crystalpedia!

This page is here to guide you in identifying the raw minerals, crystals, and other materials Chrissy works with most frequently. This is accumulation of decades of studying geology in college, reading extensively on, and personally working with various crystals. Think of these as class notes. With an overwhelming amount of information out there and not know who to trust, this is a bare bones, simple, and trustworthy gathering of data as well as photos taken by Chrissy of her actual crystals and jewelry making supplies.

On the back of the card your piece came on, the materials used are marked off, and using a QR Scanning app on your smartphone is probably how you got here. 

Something truly amazing is happening right now, and that is Science is finally starting to catch up more and more with many metaphysical beliefs and practices that have been around for thousands of years. Many of us simply know it works and now we're getting science to back it up.  

The piezoelectric effect demonstrates quartz crystals actually CAN and DO convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. This is the core of the science of Quartz watches.

If you are looking for combinations of stones to work with that support your personal journey,  check out Crystalpedia Part 2!

May your day be filled with love, peace, and joy. 

African Turquoise: Technically a form of jasper, African turquoise is a stone of transformation and evolution, boosts overall well-being, serenity, calm, wholeness. It assists in attracting friendship and love, courage, wealth, and success, and also works to awaken you to your soul’s higher purpose.





Agate: Releases negativity, Self-confidence booster, reduces worry, improves courage and concentration and inner-stability, promotes fidelity in relationships, aura-stabilizing, and increases self-awareness, balances yin and yang energies, boost creativity and general protection.





Agate (BLACK): Helps to attract good fortune, is calming, connects you to Source, boosts protection and confidence, may reduce menopausal hot-flashes as well as breast tumors.





Agate (BLUE): Helps with emotional stability, calming, focus, grounding, works to even out dualities and encourage balance in mind, body, and soul. 



Agate (GREEN): heals and protects the heart chakra and increases connection to the earth and nature. This is a great stone for those who are stuck in the city and unable to get out to explore nature more.





Amazonite: Stone of truth, calms the nervous system, quiets the mind, enhances self-expression, gets rid of negative energy, and boosts loving communication and compassion, also helps to relieves menstrual cramps.





Amber: Dissipate negative energy, assists with integrating light energy within the physical and soul space, and helps the body balance itself, feels warm and happy. 





Amethyst: Protection against psychic attacks, big boost of creative thinking, an all-around healing and balancing stone, enhances passion, creative endeavors, and excellent healing stone from tension, emotional pain, nightmares, and negativity.





Angelite: Attunement to the angelic realm, boosts compassion and living your truth, reduces physical pains, heightens perceptions.






Apatite: Boost for self-expression and creativity, reduces hypertension, clears the aura, suppresses the appetite, and improves memory.




Aqua Aura Quartz: A natural quartz point that has a very fine layer of natural platinum, gold, or silver permanently bonded to the surface through a high-heat treatment. It’s a very high vibration crystal and is a great master healer for the spiritual and physical body. As a calming blue stone, it helps with throat chakra issues such as communication difficulty. Aqua aura quartz helps heal tears in your auric field, and activate all chakras. It is a crystal for blocking psychic attacks, blocking negative energy, and attracting wealth and success. 




Aquamarine: The mermaid stone, increases the calm of the relaxing sea, protection while traveling over waterways, boosts the desire to be of service and create the element of healing humanity. May be useful to alleviate symptoms of respiratory and sinus issues and chronic allergies, and reducing  inflammation.


Aventurine: Reduces fears and anxiety, considered the luckiest stone, a stone of opportunity and good luck, helps manifest wealth and personal growth, releases old disappointments so new growth can take place, boosts optimism, increases connection to nature, beneficial for fertility issues and renewing emotional calm.




Black Tourmaline: Psychic shield, defending against negative energies, turns negative into positive, boosts self-confidence, grounding, increases connection between earth and spirit, aligns the chakra energy system in the body, helpful in alleviating panic attacks, calming fears relating to doctor visits, and strengthens the immune system.




Calcite - Blue: Soothing, calming, clears negative energies, guides us towards understanding how we attract what we communicate, both verbally and what we think, helps clear chest congestion, boosting intuition and awareness, assists us with letting go of the past, increases self-acceptance, confidence, and optimism.




Calcite - Green: Removes old patterns and energy blocks, assists with manifestation, helps release that which no longer serves you, removes negativity, helps with mental and emotional stability, a stone of health and wellness. 






Calcite - Yellow: Increasing energy, self-confidence, joy and optimism. Stimulates the solar plexus chakra. 







Carnelian: Joy, warm energy, excellent motivation, associated with ambition, organization, and drive, increasing fertility, is a high-energy stabilizing stone said to reduce procrastination and boost motivation.




Celestite: Communication with the divine realm. An excellent stone for meditation, helps quiet outside chatter and bring angelic energy to the focus of your meditation. It’s the go-to stone for cleansing and clearing auras. It’s a top stone for those with public speaking engagements. Celestite gives a boost of hope and helps to calm anxiety and worry and is emotionally balancing. A cluster on your bedside table helps with calm, peaceful sleep, whole being healing at a cell level, and waking up feeling more refreshed and peaceful.


Chalcedony: Mostly known as blue lace agate, this is an excellent stone for clear public speaking, encourages calm, stillness, and tranquility, has incredible ability to absorb negative energies and dissolve them, promotes generosity and compassion, enhances meditations of a ceremonial nature, and great for travel with children.



Charoite: Deep emotional and physical healing, grounding excessive energy to prevent soul or spiritual burnout, the perfect stone for a professional healer. It’s one of the best stones for dreamwork, as a talisman for being fully present in the here and now, for letting go of the past, and for overcoming adversity. It speeds up decision-making which is of great help to Libras. It’s a powerful stone for the transmutation of dis-ease and illness into health and well-ness. It may assist in eliminating migraines, muscle cramps, and body aches and pains, aligns the heart and mind, and increasing positivity in outlook, action, words, and thoughts.



Chrysocolla: Tranquility, peace of mind, increasing communication, the Goddess stone (feminine energy empowering), emotionally calming, peaceful heart and mental state, clearer view of current state of being, boosts stability in the home, helps with digestive problems and arthritis.





Citrine: Alleviates negativity/gloom, may help you achieve personal goals, has a positive effect on money and money flow, transmutes negative energies, never needs to be cleared or cleansed.



Dumortierite: Boosts self-confidence, removes fear, increases contact with the angelic realms (angels, archangels, and spiritual beings), heightens peace and lifts depression, lowers stubbornness, said to be beneficial for weight loss and amplifying psychic abilities.Helpful for increasing a positive attitude, nurturing your inner child.


Fluorite: Boosts intuition and mental clarity, cleanses auras, protection against psychic maladies, attunement to the spirit realm, internally, it brings order to chaos. Relieves anxiety, stress and clears brain fog.






Freshwater Pearls: Helps with frequent headaches, reduces stress, soothes emotional imbalance from life’s stress, boosts flexibility to better go with the flow, connects to the goddess energies of life, nurturing and healing, and opens the heart chakra.




Glass: Transformation, rebirth, communication, attunement to all 4 of the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.







Hematite: Very grounding and inspiring, a stone of reflection, decreases general negativity.




Howlite: Stone of awareness, boosts creativity, dissolves emotional pain from current life and past lives as well as replaces the pain with peace, helps increase self-expression, helps lessen anxiety, self-criticism, selfishness, and stress, and super helpful for insomnia. It balances all chakra centers of the body, especially the crown chakra. It’s a great stone for calming frazzled situations and diffusing tense conversations. When you can’t make it to the spa for an hour of calm and relaxation, hold a piece of howlite!




Jade: Jade is a stone of the heart, amping up heart chakra energy, balancing the emotional and physical aspects of the heart, is a catalyst for a love boost, helpful in romantic relationships by promoting fidelity, balances the parasympathetic nervous system functions, and is considered a stone of infinite blessings. It is a stone for dreaming and protection from negative influences. It is a stone of very good fortune in life, friendship, and business.




Jasper: Nurturing, grounding, increases comfort, boosts stability and inner calm, strong protection in both the spiritual and physical realms, keeps negative energies away, and removes toxins from the physical body. Green jasper soothes the spirit, peaceful sleeping stone.





Jasper (GREEN): Heart chakra healing and strengthening, helps with upset tummies and digestive struggles.




Jasper (RED): Increases stamina, increases chi, and boosts strength and endurance, is an excellent stone for travel by car helping to alleviate road rage and help guard against accidents. Also a strong stone for healing past traumas.





Kyanite: The fairness stone, boosts communication, psychic ability, is a powerful meditation stone and chakra alignment stone, creating new paths that previously did not exist. It never needs to be energetically cleansed as it doesn’t hold on to negative energy.





Labradorite: Stone of destiny, removes fears, relieves stress, awakens psychic abilities, protects against negativity, brings innate magical powers to the surface, and enhances clairvoyance, and boosts patience and wisdom.



Lapis Lazuli: Stress-releasing, increases inner peace and calm, a stone of wisdom and truth, increases memory and intellectual abilities, enhances compassion, blocks psychic attacks.




Larimar: Balancing the elements of fire and water, cools hot tempers and reduces hot flashes, very calming and soothing, minimizes anxiety, brings deep-rooted wisdom to the surface, minimizes fears and heals past traumas with gentle easiness. Connects to Goddess or divine feminine energy, dolphin healing energy, mermaids, the sea, and the lost city of Atlantis.




Lava Stone: Calming and grounding, a stone of emotional or spiritual rebirth, booster for dream work, increases emotional clarity, very strong energy as lava stone contains all the energy of the elements.




Lepidolite: Calming and balancing, great for emotional healing by reducing anxiety and lifting depression.Helpful for insomnia and PTSD.





Malachite: Removes negativity, brings harmony, a highly protective stone, works to end a cycle of bad or unhealthy or unfulfilled relationships by boosting pure self love and encouraging only healthy, loving relationships, it absorbs negative energies in and around the body, is emotionally healing of past traumas.This is a stone of mega transformation, helps alleviate anxiety, and lovingly clears and energetically activates all chakra points and since it’s such a loving, transformational stone, it’s perfect for healing heart chakra issues.



Moldavite: Extremely powerful energy, a stone of big changes, boosts telepathy, rejuvenation, and transfiguration and spiritual renewal.






Mookaite: Helps to increase intuition and focus, resulting inincrease stability.






Moonstone: Emotionally balancing, calming and soothing, increases psychic abilities and spiritual awareness, is the talisman of the journey inward and inner visions, boosts self-expression, is a stone of protection for travelers, especially night time travels, symbol of love and fertility, brings emotional issues to the surface to be dissolved.





Moss Agate: New beginnings, abundance in all forms, helps with balancing both sides of the brain, lessens mood swings.






Onyx: Strength and support during tense and difficult circumstances, eases worry and fears, boosts self-control and ability to feel comfortable within your own skin. Protects from negative energy and thought.






Pyrite: Associated with protection, assertiveness, and vitality. May be helpful for colds and flus, fungal infection, and reducing inflammation.




Quartz: All around positive energy stone, particularly for good health as it is a master healer, increases spiritual growth, supports manifestation. Amplifies metaphysical properties of other stones.






Quartzite: Supportive during the journey of learning life’s lessons, increases gentleness, amplifies the energy of other surrounding stones.





Rose Quartz: Stone of unconditional love, forgiveness, increases self-love, compassion, peace, healing, comfort, calming, may work as an aphrodisiac for some, increases restful sleep, reduces stress, eases emotional traumas, reawakens the heart to its own innate love, supports connection within community, and increases ability to receive love from others.





Rhodochrosite: Lifts depression, boosts positivity and peace, may be helpful for migraines and mild asthma.






Rhodonite: Emotionally soothing and healing, boosts compassion and healing, helpful for dissolving emotional scars.






Selenite: Truth, harmony, mental clarity, honesty, inner peace, flexibility, removes negativity, removes energy blocks, charges and cleanses other stones, increases protection, opens connection with Christ Consciousness, is very calming and tranquil. 



Serpentine: Helps form a spiritual shield of serenity to deflect malicious intention and bad luck while ushering positive energy and helping you focus on attracting more good in your life.  Helps with clearing blocked chakras, Kundalini awakening, improving financial/career situation, and improving overall relationships. 


Shell: Reconnecting us with our emotional body, intuition, sensitivity, and our divine feminine, increasing Goddess energy.






Smoky Quartz: Emotionally grounding, helps block negative energy, dissolves unhappiness and bad moods, is both amplifying (since it is a quartz) and grounding, reduces electromagnetic pollution from the environment, improves health and spiritual wellness.




Sodalite: Stone of rational thought, clear and calm emotions, brings joy to a heavy heart, boosts harmony, balances emotions, helps with insomnia.





Stone: Harnessing the magnificent power of Gaia (mother earth), water to move, tumble, and smooth the jagged exterior, generic stone helps soften a rough, tough exterior, also heightening awareness of all the individual minerals of emotion that make up the magnificent heart and heart languages. 




Sugilite: All about love, love, love! Nurturing and a strong protector and shield for extra sensitive souls and souls who feel out of place or not belonging. It boosts devotion and spiritual wisdom, assists with dream work and helping a soul understand its purpose for the current incarnation, alleviates mental and emotional stress before it turns into dis-ease in the body. It’s also very beneficial for those who have or are experiencing big illnesses. It increases love and light and optimism and helps with dream recall.



Sunstone: A stone of leadership, light, and abundance. It helps in balancing all the chakra energy centers of the body. Aligns the head and the heart, boosts emotional independence, helps to alleviate seasonal bouts of depression. It's a stone that increases confidence, giving you strength to push back when needed and exercise your sacred NO. It's a powerful stone of joy, enthusiasm, optimism, and helps remove fear, negativity, and doubt. It's thought to be more of a masculine stone (vs Moonstone for example, which is a feminine, goddess stone). Guides those who are called to living a life of being of service.  Sunstone is also powerful for cutting cords with people who still try to have their hooks in you.

Tiger’s Eye: Protection from negative interactions with others or negative intensions, grounding, uplifting, boosting self-worth and ability to value your own talent and skills, brings prosperity and luck to all aspects of businesses, increases steady flow of monetary wealth.





Tiger's Eye - Blue: Also known as Hawk's Eye, good for reducing stress and anxiety, boosting clear communication, keeping nightmares away, enhance connection with the entirety of the cosmos to expand your mind and heighten psychic ability. 






Tiger’s Eye - Green: Abundance, protection, and hope. May be helpful for feeling timid, alienation from family or peers, feeling unlovable, and scattered thoughts.





Tiger's Eye - Red: Also known as Bull's Eye or Ox Eye, increases enthusiasm and inner strength, excellent protection against bullying, increases all around motivation, boosts passion/sex drive.






Tourmalinated or Tourmalated Quartz: As a quartz it's amplifying and with black tourmaline (schorl), it's protective and grounding, transmutes negativity into positivity, helps with letting go of fear/worry. 





Turquoise: Calming, balances mood swings, considered a master healer, alleviates exhaustion, depression, and panic attacks, increases accepting and forgiving the self, lifts dreary feelings, renews vitality, enhances communication between the spiritual and physical worlds, a stone of truth and wholeness.  




Unakite: Balances the emotional body, helpful for overcoming addictions (food, alcohol, drugs, etc.), uplifting, cancels out electromagnetic energy, aids in successful conception, nurturing, great for boosting heart health and is a heart chakra stone, and excellent for rebalancing the heart chakra. Helps increase self-love and balances mental, emotional, and spiritual energies.




Wood: The element of natural wood is in the Eastern position, opening, growing, expansive, brighter, and energetic like the eastern sunrise. Gives clear ideas a clean boost.

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