Personal Crystal Grids are intuitively guided arrangements of various crystals, raw minerals, shells, wood, glass, leaves, twigs, bones, feathers, candles, flower petals, various elements pulled together to support a specific intention - water protection, summoning rain, illness or dis-ease, healing, abundance, prosperity, healthy money relationships, safe travel, fertility, conception, transitions, life, death, rebirth, and all in between. 

Various crystal authorities will share different ideas on various processes and rules one should follow with gridding. While Chrissy has deep respect for each of them, she has found that it absolutely is the intention you put into it, every step of the way. 

When she is called to do a grid for someone or something global, her intuition goes straight to work, selecting specific crystal formations that Chrissy is sewing seeds of energetic intention into. For her clients, this would be something she intuitively creates, meditates on, photographs, and share with you, the photograph of your grid that Chrissy personally set up.


That photo will hold the charge of the work she does with the grid, and she encourages you to save the photo you receive... save it as your phone or computer desktop wallpaper, save it on your device as a favorite to look at and sit with as often as you need to.


Chrissy has taken photos of grids she's made and saved them to a portable device so when traveling, she is able to continue to visually work with the energy imbued in the grid and the photo. 

Chrissy's crystal grid work is not only beautifully and intuitively arranged, it's also a powerful tool to support optimum wellbeing. 

You may purchase this service at any time by selecting the Personalized Crystal Grids from Chrissy's listings in her ETSY SHOP .

*NOTE: There is no physical object in this listing (no actual crystals, grid, or other physical material).

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