Digital Design and Marketing Material for Conscious Businesses

For Chrissy, the journey is just as important as the destination (the final product, the end result, the anticipated deliverable). Chrissy's approach to most everything is intentionally unconventional, not aligned to the 'norm' and

thinking outside the box.





       a self-taught person.

Teaching herself how to do many of her skills has provided her numerous opportunities to teach those skills to diverse groups of people and continuously evolve her abilities and talents. For Chrissy, it's intuitively trying different methods and simply finding the one that works best for what she's working on. 






a person who introduces new methods,

ideas, or products.

Chrissy is an innovative entrepreneur who dances to the beat of her own drum (and dances in the rain instead of just waiting for the storm to pass). She intentionally opens herself to new ways of thinking and experiencing life and enjoys doing life differently.





noun: enthusiasm

a thing that arouses feelings of

intense and eager enjoyment.

Chrissy's approach with marketing collateral for conscious businesses is creating material that gets the end user enthusiastic about whatever healing arts and or heart-centered goods or services it is the material is advertising, supporting, or most importantly, communicating.   Chrissy strives to be geopolitically mindful and inclusive as possible while delivering EXACTLY what her clients want, on time and within budget.

Chrissy has worked with a variety of programs and apps: 

  • InDesign

  • Photoshop

  • Lightroom

  • Aperture

  • iPhoto

  • PowerPoint

  • OverApp

  • RainbowLoveApp

  • BeFunkyApp

  • Google Draw

  • MailChimp

I'm committed to conscious clients who need some awakened assistance in bringing their passions forward through thoughtful, creative, intuitive, and reflective branding.

Healing Arts Studio


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