Chrissy enjoys the creative freedom that commissioned art provides her and her clients each love the intuitive creations she design and handcrafts for them. (Check out the TESTIMONIALS from Chrissy's Etsy Sales and Private commissioned sales.

Jewelry: Chrissy has clients who request she creates something with a certain stone or combination of stones, or to support healing something they're working on. People don't always know exactly what they're actually asking for, and it's Chrissy's passion to not only listen, but really hear what they're sharing with her and be of service to light the path.


Chrissy asks questions about what kind of piece - something to wear here and there or something to keep on daily, and if they found IridescentMoment via etsy or in a retail store that carries her work, what piece(s) caught their eye, etc. The feedback she receives is along the lines of admiring her professional display on cards, the clean, detail of her work, the spirals she consciously creates, the fair price, and how powerful the energetic vibrations are.


The jewelry cards are also Chrissy's actual business card - she designed the simplified, multipurpose card that she hand-pokes or cuts to attach the finished piece, and people really seem to like the back of the card that tells them what stones are in their piece, plus a QR code to go read up about the metaphysical properties of the stone(s) on her personal Crystalpedia pages. (Check out the Crystalpedia pages under the "CRYSTALPEDIA" tab up top!)

Home Decor: A client who struggles with seasonal depression and the dreary winters of the Pacific Northwest and whose favorite fruit is oranges (Chrissy asks questions to help her get to know you and your style), wanted something that feels good to look at. She was thinking more along the lines of a large canvas print of one of my thousands of photos, but instead, Chrissy decided to teach herself a new hobby - quilling, or paper curling.


She created a whimsical, bright, cheerful orange with a stem and a leaf by curling many strips of orange and green paper by hand around a paintbrush. Every step is intentional, from the upwards slope of the pattern of orange paper, to the light, airy feel of the curled cylinders of paper. Orange is a color that boosts joy and brings a warm, happy feeling, and green is soothing to the heart. Chrissy has created quilling images of what looks like stacked logs, the sea, a lake, and just bright colors together, each producing a unique treasure. 

Another client commissioned Chrissy to create something for her daughter who LOVES mermaids (a girl after Chrissy's own heart), something that she could hang in the child's room.


Chrissy thinks outside the box and thought about crafting something the child would enjoy for years to come, something that's not attached to a certain age, something that stands out. 


She came up with an interactive sign with mermaid puns she had read once, that are actually individual affirmations, hand-gathered the driftwood, hand-painted it, and it connects like a ladder with eye screws and s-hooks. This also makes it so you can rearrange the sayings in whatever way you want, or take some out if that's what appeals to you. She had an old, wooden mermaid ornament and that was her inspiration for the piece. Chrissy painted the mermaid with glow in the dark paint to bring a soothing bit of whimsy to night time. 

Chrissy has made all kind of things for people to hang on their walls - sand dollar ornaments with crystal beads, chakra suncatchers, framed photographs of mine, hand-painted wooden jewelry boxes, fairy garden forest and beach houses and accessories, the possibilities are only as limited as one's imagination. 

What may Chrissy create for you, darlingheart? Feel free to fill out the contact form to get started!

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