There are quite a few intentional layers I built into the design of my primary logo. Everything I do is built on a foundation of love so I decided I would do a mandala flower shape made out of 6 hearts. I drew this is Photoshop (one of the rare times you'll find me using Photoshop). After I drew the hearts, I drew a flower of life. That design is available in multiple colors over on my CafePress shop! I painted in a layer of rosegold.


I chose rosegold because of its energetic properties in balancing divine masculine and feminine energies, one of my core beliefs/passions. 

The spirals are something I have been doodling my entire incarnation, spirals of all kinds. A few years ago, I learned/re-membered, that this specific design is called a triskele or triskelion, representing the balance of mind, body, and spirit. It aligns with my belief in the power of unity. 

As I also do quite a bit of photography, I wanted something that called out another one of my passions - creating magnificent photos naturally with minimal edits, something which I have jokingly referred to as my golden lens. (As in I strive for the photos to come right out of the camera looking phenomenal.) 

Voila, a sparkling gold lens that at the center with the hexagon, echoes the 6 points of the mandala. And to balance and frame it out, I added another layer of gold sparkle at the edges. 

And all together, it's basically my bat-symbol - the beacon of light I shine out into the universe so they know it's me. :) 

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