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Oregon Business Registry # 1519121-94  

"I love helping people tap into their courage and seeing their dreams and passion burst into light. That passion is the essence that changes the world."  - Chrissy Ferguson, Owner/Founder/Creatrix 


IridescentMoment is a healing and creative arts business based in Grants Pass, Oregon with tools + services designed and handcrafted for you to live your best life. IridescentMoment is owned and operated solely by Chrissy Ferguson, a serendipitous, inspiring ex-corporate rat race runner and breast cancer survivor with an uncanny ability to find 4, 5, and even 6-leaf clovers.


IridescentMoment started as a professional photography biz on the side and continues to evolve today.

Get unstuck, stop making excuses, and start to take action. You don’t need rigid goals, a clearly mapped plan, or for what you perceive to be the perfect conditions aligning for you to do The Thing. Life doesn’t come that way for a reason.

Working with me is similar - I meet you where you are on your path and we figure something out together that will work for both of us.

Maybe it’s weekly or monthly phone/skype support with Distance Reiki Sessions. Maybe it’s monthly accountability check-ins over coffee.

I am here to support the work you’re doing and offer guidance and encouragement along the way. I am here to share the tools I've learned, built, and succeeded with. However, I am not here to tell you step by step how to solve your problems or sell you on some "Masterclass" or "Mastermind" or tell you my way of making it work. I am a work in progress, myself. You learn by doing, succeeding, failing, and experiencing, not just reading about it or following a step by step program emphasizing YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. Nope, babes, not here. Not like that. 

My support offers you a shift in perspective and expanding your vision. My intuitive guidance (support) is like a list of awesome places to visit that you never knew existed but you yourself do the traveling (unless you feel called to choose me to take you on a soul journey to Mt. Shasta, the Redwoods, or the ocean at midnight).


My photography offers both a tool (beautiful prints for your personal space, office, creative space and more) and a service - documenting your journey with a lifestyle photo session and producing images that truly capture your magnificence - one more way to tap into your courage.

My jewelry offers guidance and support for your intentions while honoring the beauty of this planet. I upcycle. I source my crystals and cabochons directly from the rockhounds that do the digging, polishing and drilling themselves as often as possible. I have been gifted with a couple of inherited bead collections. The intentions I set with designing and creating my jewelry comes through in the vibes of each unique creation.

When you feel craptacular, choose 1 thing to do that brings you joy. That simple action isn’t necessarily easy but it can set a new path into motion simply because you put energy into something that feels good.

Chrissy's art and services have been sold in the U.S., Australia, Spain, Canada, England, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, & New Zealand.

How did IridescentMoment Healing Arts Studio find its way into Restoration Beauty Organic Salon?

Great Question! It was late spring of 2018, I had posted this image of me holding a tray of my handcrafted, raw mineral jewelry on Instagram, and the #southernoregon tag got the attention of a local business owner. 

Restoration Beauty Organic Salon owner/founder Rachel reached out and asked me if I did consignment and if so, she'd like to meet with me and have my jewelry in her ORGANIC SALON in old, historic downtown Grants Pass. 

A quick intro turned into a couple hours of connecting and becoming fast friends and in the blink of an eye, I had a variety of jewelry and photo art cards in Rachel's holistic salon.

There we were...Two serendipitous cancer survivors who, after experiencing a health crisis, made active changes to a more natural, holistic, conscious lifestyle, now raising each other up and empowering each other to be the best version of our self and to continue to grow our courage to focus on even bigger passions. I was happily creating in my studio, which was in my rural residence, but found I was missing the joy that comes from actually connecting with people regularly, face to face. 

Earlier in 2019, Rachel found herself moving her established business into a new, BIGGER, more visible location at 213 SW 4th St. in the heart of historic old downtown Grants Pass.


My husband and I went to help her and her hubby with some priming and painting and through conversing, it simply made sense for me to bring in more of my creations AND, set up shop as well in a perfect little spot. It became official. I moved my studio from my rural residence into town and we opened up the new space in July 2019. 


Rachel empowered me with with space - space to actually begin offering Reiki sessions in a cute little space I turned into my  treatment room, shelves in her bright, cheery, welcoming salon to display more of my creations and a space to simply create. One of the first things I did was create a new logo for her and help get her brochure of offerings updated. We help each other and hope to grow our holistic community.  

We're brainstorming and collaborating on ideas, goals, plans, dreams, for all the things we want to make happen, individually as empowered small business owners, and together, a force of goddesses to be reckoned with. Cheers to the next chapters!