"I love helping people tap into their courage and seeing their dreams and passion burst into light. One of the most beautiful things to witness is a beautiful soul creating intentionally and living authentically from a place of desire and passion. That passion is the essence that changes the world. When your courage catches up with your passions, you become unstoppable."  

- Chrissy Ferguson, Owner/Founder/Courage Fairy

IridescentMoment, formally established in 2008, is a mobile/portable healing and creative arts business currently based in Grants Pass, Oregon, owned and operated solely by multi-passionate Creatrix, Chrissy Ferguson. Chrissy is a a serendipitous, courageous, and inspiring ex-corporate rat race runner and breast cancer survivor with an uncanny ability to find 4, 5, and even 6-leaf clovers.

IridescentMoment is a collective of high-vibration, healing energy filled offerings that help your courage catch up with your passions so that YOU can live your best life, and change the world. 

JEWELRY: Crystal and Raw Mineral Jewelry that supports the intentions you set to bring in Balance, Creativity, Love, Fresh Start, Protection, Spirituality, Wealth, and Wellness to your life. Choose an already finished piece or have Chrissy intuitively select your crystals and custom make exactly what you need. Click to go to the Jewelry Page for more info and see samples.

REIKI: Chrissy's gentle yet confident hands usher in divine, life force energy, a universal healing energy to restore calm and balance in the body, mind, and soul. When we are deeply calm and balanced, we create the exact environment the body needs to heal itself. Reiki may be sent in person or to any location globally. Click to go to the Reiki Page for more info.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography with specific intentions help Chrissy create positive, memorable experiences with you, and produce outstanding, timeless images for you. From casual headshots in your yard or local park, to family photos in your favorite outdoor location, or destination wedding/adventure/ceremony, Chrissy loves the diversity of her clients and consciously honors inclusion, all in the name of love. Click to go to the Photography Page to learn more! 


Chrissy's love of rocks, crystals, and other natural elements developed in early childhood, fascinated by the natural world (and the supernatural world of her "imagination"). Growing up in a conservative, Western-Medicine focused family meant holistic and alternative and metaphysical sciences were all considered useless and full of bologna, and Chrissy learned to keep her curiosities and learnings heavily shrouded.  


While studying Geology at the University of Oregon in the early-mid-90's, her deeply rooted passion for the natural world around her was reignited. It was also during that time that Chrissy found herself meandering into a mystical shop for the very first time, admiring how full of incense, tarot cards, and polished stones it was and how she noticed all kinds of changes happening when connecting with her crystals.  


For over 2 decades now, Chrissy has been working with crystals and building her metaphysical and crystal healing knowledge and experience, all on a foundation  of deeply seeded passions for caring about, healing, nurturing, and educating others on some of the often overlooked beauty that this planet offers. Each purchase supports Chrissy in her efforts of picking up trash from the beach or the forest, writing notes of gratitude to the ocean, and offering Reiki to the planet itself, and putting her heart and soul into all of it. 

After Chrissy taught herself some jewelry making basics in the early 2000's, she naturally began including more and more crystals and stones in accessories she made for herself, digging deeper into the energies. Everything is energy, afterall. Friends and colleagues admired her work back then and began asking her to make them something.


At that time, Chrissy was growing her photography work and started a side hustle biz (Iridescent Moment LLC) as a creative outlet for the long hours and commute times  for the unsatisfying corporate work she found herself in, and the jewelry making was just a fun side of the side. Chrissy found that she was quite passionate about everything art she could do, but did not have the courage (yet, at that point) to do much about it. The only logical thing would of course be to unlearn much of what was taught, work MORE with crystals and other metaphysical goods and services, and follow your passions - keep making jewelry for fun. 

The Divine Creator/God/Goddess/the Universe had a different plan in mind... Through some beautiful miracles unfolding, two individuals at different times, oh so generously gifted Chrissy with a collection of odds n ends inherited, and another with a collection of multiple trays of beads from projects that petered out. Well, when the universe truly sees you're doing something you're passionate about, it begins to deliver materials to help you make it happen.


And the more she created, the more she learned, and her courage grew, and the more her courage caught up to her passions, sure as sh*t, things started to shift. The pieces you see samples of below/to the side as well as the items for sale in Chrissy's ETSY shop, are the culmination of all of these pieces of this beautiful puzzle coming together. As Chrissy's passions continue to grow and expand, so may her offerings


You may be interested in the variety of finished pieces in her studio located inside RB Organic Salon at 213 SW 4th St., Grants Pass, OR, and in her Etsy Shop, and in various places around southern Oregon (please see the LOCATIONS link for more details). If there's a particular crystal that's calling out to you, or you'd like a custom made piece to support a specific intention you're working on, please feel free to reach out! Find me on Instagram, FaceBook, and Etsy as IridescentMoment, or email me IridescentMoment @ gmail dot com.


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