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"I am that I am."

Chrissy Ferguson, Creatrix of Light

"Rainbows exist where light shines through the dark rains and show us bands of individual colors harmoniously working together, a band of beauty, much like our own human experience, that simply would not exist without the light and dark working together for the greater good." - Chrissy Ferguson

If I were to ask you to make a list of everything you loved in the universe, how long would it take you to list yourself? 


When I read a similar question years ago, I realized I probably wouldn’t.  I was existing in a redonculously overworked, stressed state all the time, had the blahs, unfulfilling corporate job, and I wanted to feel good.  I NEEDED to feel good. My life depended on it and my healing arts evolution began.


It was autumn of 2011. I had barely been married a year, had a Business Administrator role at the world’s largest tech company and building my own photography business  (that was 3 years old at the time), when I was diagnosed at 35 years old with Stage 2A breast cancer. 


I was more afraid of having to inconvenience my employer with my 6 week absence and put my photography work on hold, than I was of the cancer that was serendipitously detected early.


When recovering from the unilateral mastectomy and experiencing the fight after the fight, stumbling through darkness to figure out my new normal, I read that question about listing things I loved and I wasn’t on my list. I knew instantly that would have to change and I was willingly catapulted into a self-lead, ongoing healing journey in heart, mind, and soul. 


I found joy in doing art more often, working with and being in nature, read countless books, attended numerous lectures in person and online, went through 2+ years of therapy, found myself drawn to working with crystals, ditching harmful chemicals, and constantly asking myself if there was a better way of doing this thing called life.


Through commitment to continuing to do the work on my own wellbeing and learning to make different choices that felt good, my courage began to catch up with my passions. It’s not a quick, easy fix; it’s sitting with your shadow self, honoring your personal journey, and making different choices.


Through riding the waves of my own ongoing, self-love transformation, I grew to love myself unconditionally & IridescentMoment has grown into the tools + services available to you today.


Intentionally handcrafting with your optimum wellbeing in mind, I am delighted and honored to be of service and thank YOU for BEing.